QRR News: What's up Doc?

Our Next Adoption Clinic, December 13, 2014


From 10.00 am to 2.00 pm.

Global Pitou, Minou et compagnon (Plaza Pointe-Claire) 245 boul. St-Jean, Pointe-Claire, Québec.

Adoption Clinic & Nail Trimming 10$ Fundraiser to benefit the rabbits of Secours Lapins Quebec.

Also jewelry, apple treats and toys for bunnies.

Comme and meet Benjamin and Monsieur Weasley!



Fruits Seches

December 7, 2014
Our Fundrasing Activy for December!


A bag of homemade dried fruits as a present to your rabbit or friend with a rabbit on sale for 3$ at the Montreal Bird & Exotic Animal Hospital located at 6090 Sherbrooke west, Montréal, QC or at our adoption clinic December 13, 2014, at Global PMC, Plaza Pointe-Claire, 269 Boulevard St-Jean, Pointe-Claire, Québec



Fruits Seches



Homemade, selected, washed and dehydrated fruits prepared by volunteers.

Content: Apples (green, red and yellow varieties) Cranberries, Pears (green, red and yellow varieties) and oranges.

Thank you for your support,

Quebec Rabbit Rescue

December 2, 2014
Fall News!


It has been a while we have not provided any updates, however, we have kept quite busy in last few months!


Our sweet Ballerine who was with us since November 2013, got adopted October 11th! Her adoptive home loves her very much.


La Ballerine


Lady Sybile was transferred foster home and she is much loved in this home.


We took in 2 rabbit for adoption under our care, Benjamin and Monsieur Weasley, they are quite adorable.


We are getting ready for our adoption clinic December 13th, from 10.00AM to 2.00PM, Global - Pitou, Minou et compagnon: Plaza Pointe-Claire, 245 Boul. St. Jean, Pointe-Claire, 245 Boul. St. Jean, Plaza Pointe Claire, Pointe-Claire, QC.  Also nail trim, 10$ Fundraiser to benefit the rabbits of Quebec Rabbit Rescue, jewellery, apple treats and toys for bunnies.

November 23, 2014

Quebec Rabbit Rescue is run by volunteers and rescues abandoned domestic rabbits. Working with the animal shelters in the greater Montreal area, our organization offers bunnies a second chance at finding their forever home.

We spay and neuter all of our rabbits prior to adoption. We are a no kill rescue and always provide appropriate medical care to all of our adorable rabbits! We do not have a shelter location. Therefore, we rely exclusively on foster homes and volunteers to shelter our bunnies until their adoption.

Your Bunny and the Holidays

Xmas pic


It's holiday season again, a time of year that can be both fun and stressful for you and your rabbit. In the midst of all your holiday preparations, click here to view a few tips to keep your bunny safe and happy over the holiday season. Hoppy Holidays!!!