QRR News: What's up Doc?

Disease strikes two of our rabbits, we need your support!


Further to an aggressive infection that struck our bonded pair Laverne & Shirley, our sweet Laverne passed away about 10 days ago. Our Shirley, the survivor, is recovering well but still needs to get better.


In line with our mission, Laverne & Shirley got all the necessary veterinary care at the veterinary faculty at Université de Montréal in Ste-Hyacinthe. The care provided generated a veterinary bill of nearly $900 and Shirley will likely need further tests such as a blood test, x-ray or echography.


Shirley has been relocated to another foster home to be away from the potential pathogens that could be present where she was. She is now being fostered by a vet and is receiving the best possible care.

We are asking for your support to assist us in paying this invoice. No donation amount is too small and all donations will help us in nursing Shirley back to health. We need to be able to continue treating Shirley and to be able to treat any future illness without hesitation should our rabbits be struck again.


We are now a registered charity under Revenue Canada and you can make an on-line donation via Canada Helps and receive immediately a tax deductible receipt. You can make a one-time donation or even monthly donations of any amount, starting from as little as $5 per month.


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Here is a picture in the memory of Laverne with Shirley and a picture of Shirley in her convalescent foster home. She has gained weight since!


On behalf of our sweet Shirley and in loving memory of her mate Laverne, we thank you very much for your support.







March 30, 2016
Stuffed Toy Rabbit Adoption Day March 26th, 2016


Paques 2016


During Easter, 80% of rabbits bought in stores are abandoned shortly thereafter. In fact, many never reach their first birthday.

For our April 4th adoption clinic, instead of presenting our rabbits for adoption, we will be offering stuffed toy rabbits for adoption to send a message that rabbits are not to be bought as Easter gifts as they do not make great pets for kids.

For $10.00 you will receive a stuffed toy rabbit with an adoption certificate and on it the name of a rabbit in one of the rescues in the greater Montreal area and a fun little surprise! Some of the stuffed toy rabbits also smell of chocolate! There will larger ones for 12$ and some holding a baby bunny, also for 12$.

Proceeds will go to Quebec Rabbit Rescue.

So come on out to see us! It will be a pleasure to meet you.

Global Pitou, Minou et compagnon (Plaza Pointe-Claire) 245 boul. St-Jean, Pointe-Claire March 26th, 2016 - 10.00AM-2.00PM

March 17, 2016
We are now a Registered Charity under Revenue Canada!


Quebec Rabbit Rescue is now a registered charity organization under Canada Revenue Agency bearing registration # 795158294RR0001. This enables us to issue receipts deductible for income tax purposes.


We are working to get the Canada Help button on our website where you can make an on line donation and get tax deductible receipt right away.

If you prefer to send a cheque by mail, please write us at by e-mail at: info@secourslapinsquebec.org and we will provide you with coordinates.


We wish to extend our gratitude to our volunteer who put so much dedication into making this happen. It has been our wish for quite a long time and this status legitimizes our mission.

February 14, 2016

Who are we?


Quebec Rabbit Rescue is run by a very small group of volunteers who donate their own time and resources to find new forever homes for abandoned domestic rabbits languishing in local shelters and we educate the public about domestic rabbit care. We do not have a shelter location. Therefore, we rely exclusively on a small network of foster homes and volunteers to shelter our bunnies until their adoption.


Working with the animal shelters in the greater Montreal area, our organization offers bunnies a second chance at finding their forever home. We do not take in abandoned rabbits from the public (please contact your local SPCA or, better yet, reconsider your decision to abandon your rabbit by seeking advice OR find them an appropriate new home yourself).


We are a NON profit organization supported solely by donations from the public and our volunteers and we receive NO government funding whatsoever.


We spay and neuter all of our rabbits prior to adoption and we always provide appropriate medical care to all of our adorable rabbits!

Please make your Easter bunny a chocolate one or a stuffed one!

Every Easter, many unprepared people buy live rabbits for their children, who often quickly grow tired of them and animal shelters soon become flooded with rabbits in the following months. Sadly they can even be dumped outside practically guaranteeing them an early death where they succumb to injury, illness, attacks by predators and being hit by cars.

If you are thinking of adopting a rabbit, don't forget that it's a serious and long term commitment and please take the time to educate yourselves on their care by reading about
9 Common Rabbit Myths and our other Resources articles.